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CINEMA 4D semi-unbiased rendering tutorial


This tutorial will definitely change the way you see rendering at CINEMA 4D and can sometimes totally substitute all main render technologies and features CINEMA 4D offers, because it can play a role of a true physical based rendering engine, but still pretty fast engine. It´s already here with tons of cool features and endless possibilities, such as highly-advanced multi-pass, natively-supported features like Mograph, instances, physical caustics and so on. >>>


Fractals&Gels CINEMA 4D tutorial


I really like no keyframes animation and CINEMA 4D is a magic toolset that can generate them (different kinds) by many ways. This new tutorial I have released covers two very interesting topics: fractal animations and gels. The tutorial will show you two different ways how to generate breathtaking fractals animations. The first chapter hero is based on the Mograph module funcionallity, the second hero use an elementary light object, so it´s based on the Prime package. It does not need another module or a plugin. >>>


CINEMA 4D Motion Camera tutorial


I have released my next tutorial on another MAXON CINEMA 4D amazing feature. This is a camera rigging feature – tags toolset, that helps you to generate an absolutely stunning camera behavior and animation. Why? Because a camera animation can be the crucial part of a whole animation process, can take the stuff to the action or make it very uninteresting. >>>


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Cinema 4D Matrix Pyrocluster Particles


I have released my next brain melting tutorial on Maxon's Cinema 4D Matrix Particles. This is not a lesson you would find anywhere else, because it is completely unique. The topic, an advanced use of the Cinema 4D Mograph Matrix object. Why? Because this object can be used on a multitude of tasks. I will showcase it primarily as a Thinking particles generator; without Xpresso editing, without nodes, without an external plugin or any other advanced stuff. We will combine this powerful particle system with an old Pyrocluster engine to produce a pretty cool effect. (When you know how to use this, you can apply it to other systems.) One of the gifts of Visual Effects would be to create complicated looking effects quickly. This lesson is extremely important in showing how to take it to the ultimate next level. NOTICE TO VIEWERS: (Thinking particles within C4D is required to follow along with the project files.) >>>


Cinema 4D Sculpting Vol 1


I have released Maxon C4d Sculpting Volume ONE. Sculpting is an amazing new feature of C4D, but it´s not only for painting details. It´s the best feature for everybody who needs make his own organic models, with correct topology, suitable for advanced animations and so on. The Sculpting is a magic feature that can eliminate one of two major modeling tasks. The standard modeling approach needs correct and well placed topology for a nice model. The sculpting context makes work much easier, because you can be creative first, design your character and then solve the topology accordingly to the shape of the character afterwards. Being able to disregard topology concerns until the model is complete is a huge advantage for artists. This new Maxon C4d Sculpting lesson will change the way you view modeling. >>>


Cinema 4D Sculpting Vol 2


I have released Maxon C4D Sculpting Volume TWO. As the first volume of the series says, sculpting is an amazing feature of C4D. MAXON CINEMA 4D Release 15 was strongly improved and the sculpting toolset has been enhanced a lot. It has new tools, new painting modes, improved mask toolset, new projection toolset and much more. It came with many small, but very powerful features. The first part of the second volume shows all of these improvements. The second part of the second volume finishes the sculpting process itself. The baking is the key of the success, because you can´t animate your object without that, share it and so on. It will teach you everything you will need. It will show the importance of picture color depth, all displacement and normal maps technologies, material setups, texture use and baking. It explains everything about Ambient occlusion baking and how to get the look you need. Ambient Occlusion is not the best for a detail map, so we will bake a cool cavity map and will use it instead of the AO. It touches on a texturing process at the end of the volume and baked texture asset usage. >>>


Cinema 4D Everything Volume 3


I have released my THIRD video of the C4D EVERYTHING series. Welcome to the final volume of the "C4D EVERYTHING" series. I herein offer even more methods of modeling and then proceeds deep into UV mesh editing. Then with the help of Arroway Textures he textures, lights and renders the final product. While the hero of this series is a delightful Early Rider wooden child's bicycle, this is not the point of the teaching here. The overriding thrust of this series is to take an abject beginner in 3d all the way to production quality readiness within Maxon Cinema 4D. Volume three covers the most common modeling pipeline in production. Box modeling and point-to-point modeling are a staple of studios around the world. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! The modeling portions of volume 2 and 3 have a running theme, "Model with UV's in mind". Whatever modeling technique is taught, each is tweaked to be optimal for the eventuality of UV mesh creation. The larger portion of this lesson aims at UV mesh editing. No matter how good a modeler you are, if you cannot manipulate the UV's correctly then your texture maps will never look as good as they could. This is NOT a primer on UV's, but rather a full, deep course. The hero provides the opportunity to teach the solutions to the majority of UV tribulations. The instruction offered in this single volume will enable the viewer to handle the majority of production tasks. >>>


Cinema 4D Everything Volume 1


I have released the first video of the brand new Maxon C4D R14 "Comprehensive" series. This volume ONE of THREE lays the foundation for CG creation within Cinema 4D. If you are an abject beginner to all things 'computer graphics' or if you are merely migrating to C4D, then this lesson is for you. Even the most seasoned C4D user will discover aspects to this deep application he / she did not know existed. You cannot begin to explore the power of C4D until you understand its interface. Further I reveal undocumented features that make all the difference. This volume begins the process of creating a photorealistic wooden child's bicycle. As the viewer progresses through these three volumes I teach the tool, then creates a part of the bike. Have you ever wondered what is the crucial difference between a good CG creation and a perfect photo real CG creation? I lay the ground work in this lesson. I know the secret and am willing to teach you. You will not find a more throughly detailed reveal of Maxon C4D any where else. >>>


Cinema 4D Mograph Particle FX


I´m proud to present Maxon Cinema 4D Manipulation Masterclass. The primary thrust of this lesson is the myriad ways that particles can be manipulated for use. I will dispel the simplistic concept of particles as mere points. I teach methods of using particles to create very non-typical particle models. Models grown from particles that react in realtime to deformers, cloners and dynamics. Enjoy a quick start to the C4D emitter features and then jump right in to particle use that will open your mind to new possibilities for your VFX portfolio. You will be taught new ways to control particles. Further, you will then learn to model from those particles. If you think you've 'seen it all', I´m here to prove you wrong. >>>


Advanced Sketch and Toon tutorial


Sketch and Toon module is one of the best NPR solution of the market and it´s very powerfull tool. Many CINEMA 4D users want to use it, but they don´t know how to start. If you want to be the "painter" and bring your projects to really natural look, this tutorial is perfect for you. It will learn almost everything about the Sketch material, Sketch style tag, "fill" shaders and the Render settings. Your knowledge will be tested on many examples and projects. If you want to get technical style, mango, artistic painting, or sketched scene, everthing is possible by Sketch and Toon module and this tutorial. >>>


Clothilde modeling tutorial


Clothilde engine, the cloth engine in CINEMA 4D is not a new feature. It was a part of the MOCCA module before and now it´s available in the Studio package. Almost everybody who tried it discovered it´s a pretty easy tool to use, but the results often doesn't look good. Yes, Clothilde is not the best feature in CINEMA 4D but it´s still a really very helpful tool especially for the modeling process. With Clothilde you are able to get really nice and realistic results with an almost perfect UV mesh. Is not a problem to model pillows, bags and others objects, but without correct and suitable UV mesh, the results will be wrong. Clothilde can solve these tasks. Clothilde can solve these tasks in a few minutes. It´s an almost perfect modeling toolset! >>>


Free tutorials

CINEMA 4D metaball&voxel painting tutorial


Do you sometimes use the CINEMA 4D metaball object? Yes, it´s not a fast feature, but still pretty nice and this tutorial will show you how to effectively use the upgraded metaball object, which CINEMA 4D R17 offers, and how can we combine it with a spline toolset that CINEMA 4D R17 release provides for a very nice interactive volume painting. >>>


CINEMA 4D R17 Content browser - my assets


CINEMA 4D R17 is here and I have to repeat my invitation. Why? Because I did it again! I worked on the new CINEMA 4D R17 Content browser content asset and I would like to show you all rigs and objects I made. So check all free videos bellow and renders - examples of several objects I did! >>>


Virus invasion – free CINEMA 4D procedural animation tutorial


CINEMA 4D offers many powerful and hidden features, such as the Mograph Extrude Deformer. This tutorial shows how to effectively use the Extrude deformer, how to model and realistic looking virus and how to set up a full animation. >>>


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Free CINEMA 4D Chamfer Maker modeling tutorial - a kitchen cabinet


Hello everybody, I have released my new free basic tutorial on CINEMA 4D and very helpful and resuscitated (again) plugin Chamfer Maker. It was originally developed by Anton Marshenko. It has been reworked by André Berg from irisvfx.com. Stop, this is not a plugin description but rather it´s about a real life use. We will build a fully realistic kitchen cabinet mesh in only a few minutes; with all roundings and so on. >>>