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Leomotion summary

What´s the best of the CG? A collaboration with talented artists!


One of them is my friend Andreas leo Bertram alias Leomotion. We collaborated on many projects in the past. From maritim to dental, from advertisings, to educational videos. Here are some projects we worked on. Just a fraction of them, of course! I did mostly modeling, rigging and animation setups there.

Watch here: vimeo.com/230647143 >>>


Pavel Zoch pzdm - Leomotion ship Pavel Zoch pzdm - Leomotion ship c4d Pavel Zoch pzdm - Leomotion ship vizualization
Watch here: vimeo.com/304832656 >>>


Vizualization Ship Vizualization Ship pzdm - Leomotion Vizualization Ship c4d

Cooperation: leomotion.net >>>

Client: northcmedia.com >>>