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Maxon Content browser webpage is like my showcase gallery

Pavel Zoch pzdm Content browser 2019

I checked the Maxon webpage. I have´t seen the webpage for a very long time and I was very nicelly surprised. >>>



Teeth could be a problem

Pavel Zoch pzdm teeth 3d visualization

Almost everybody knows that. I did many anatomically accurate dental models and simulations in the last 5 years. We did it with Andreas Leo Bertram for a swiss dental company that provides the educational services for a few famous and well know technology and health companies (like Philips, for example). >>>



Leomotion summary

Pavel Zoch pzdm ship 3d visualization

What´s the best of the CG? A collaboration with talented artists! One of them is my friend Andreas leo Bertram alias Leomotion. >>>



Trabant for August Horch museum in Zwickau

Pavel Zoch pzdm trabant 3d visualization

I can finally share the project I did this year for August Horch Museum and o_konzept agency Zwickau. It´s fully modeled Trabant car including a tunning package. It is used by an interactive way, so a museum visitor can improve the car onto a tunned one. >>>



Intedoor bathrooms shots

Pavel Zoch pzdm trabant 3d visualization

Do you remember a "semi" unbiased rendering tutorial I did? Check it here, although it´s already officially implemented to CINEAM 4D (sinceR19), it´s my favoured rendering way, because it´s very a very physical based rendering with CINEMA 4D. It´s not the fastest (eh, fast? not really) for interior shots, but it´s still so awesome. >>>